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Beginners guide to Online Reputation Management (ORM)

What is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?

It is a continuous process of creating and maintaining the reputation of your company positively online and also monitoring regularly and improving how your business is being displayed and viewed online when a potential customer searches for your company’s products and services. 

Online Reputation Management is necessary to increase visibility, value, and trust in your brand. 

Search Engines, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Forums are a part of the online community.

Importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Nowadays Every customer will purchase a product or get the services of a company through the web. If there are negative reviews, comments about your company and products and services. Customers will choose to buy from your competitors in the market. 

So, it is mandatory to maintain Online Reputation Management to protect your brand from getting dominated by negative reviews and comments.

1. To increase your website’s visibility online

Your site must be visible for all the potential targeted keywords to increase your company’s brand value and popularity. Right SEO can rank your site on Google while positive online reputation management will assist in improving its position and trust.

2. To gain consumer trust

Every brand has controversies but it is important to employ the right tactics to deal with them and gain trust from the audience. ORM is the best way to handle reputation online.

Techniques to Maintain Brand Reputation Online

Technique 1 – Tools to view the Online position of your brand

It is important to create good vibes about your brand and business. There is a list of Online Reputation Management Tools that help in handling the ORM on various platforms.

 a) Google Alerts

Using Google alerts Easily Track social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc where your brand name is mentioned and it also notifies people about their business-related activities that could trouble them.

b) Twitter Search

People will share their experience about your products and services with a tweet, comment, mention your business name with or without hashtags using the Twitter Microblogging platform.

This Twitter search tool helps you in getting the information about the date, time, links, accounts, sentiments, etc to give them a clear picture.

c) Social Mention

Social Mention is another version of Google alerts that can monitor your brand credibility on various social networking sites.

Technique 2 – Things to do if negative results are shown on Google for your brand’s name

1. Get it removed

Some People intentionally drop negative reviews, comments about your business to create a negative image for your brand. In this scenario, you can ask them to remove their comment by resolving their query or else you can also submit a legal complaint to Google and it will take the necessary action.

The Otherside to this Scenario is people may not take down or remove the comment. Even if they remove it, archived results are still shown in search engines. So, You cannot depend on this tactic always.

2. Hide it by posting positive comments

People are more particular and may come to an opinion about your brand by seeing the reviews, comments on the first page of SERPs, so it is necessary to cover up negative comments by providing your audience with something interesting and good to talk about. Regular Engagement with your audiences can overcome Controversies.

3. Show regular engagement

Always try to clear the doubts, answer the queries, deliver the products and services on time and resolve the complaints raised by your customers instantly. This creates a positive impact on your brand.

Technique 3 – Important to assert your brand name

Your Brand Name, Business Name should be unique and easy to remember and identify. So, that No one can misuse your name.

Technique 4 – Strengthen brand presence on all internet properties

It is important to be present on all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, and interact with your customers to win their trust.

Technique 5 – Provide a great customer service

The brand reputation of a company increases only by providing quality service and products. So, give customers the best service and they will spread good vibes about your company and its services and products. A happy customer will automatically drop a positive review and comment.