Last updated on June 4th, 2021

1. Big Data

Big Data helps in gathering massive amounts of consumer data to create more accurate and personalized ad campaigns. It also gives clear information about the performance of your campaign.

Future applications of Big data include:

  1. Creating attribution models to classify the contribution of each marketing channel in the total conversion.
  2. Programmatic advertising
  3. Video marketing optimization

2. Artificial Intelligence

Applying concepts and reasoning to complex algorithm processes helps in predicting the results and it also fastens the decision-making process.

Search Engines like Google work on Rank Brain algorithms, an artificial intelligence model that helps in understanding the user queries and delivering the relevant results.

AI Scrips for applications help in bettering the online customer chat platforms to know more useful customer information, and answer the queries, solve the problems on demand without any delay.

3. Machine Learning

Machine learning is used in audience segmentation and integrated into analytics to analyze large datasets and help in the optimization of campaigns in real-time.

Machines can make automated content creation and content updating possible as per the needs. Email campaigns, Banner ads, or social media posts can be generated and used in different formats for various marketing channels. As the performance of campaigns is being tracked, headlines can be automatically changed to suit the content that is performing well.

4. Bots

Chatbots is a 24/7 effective two-way communication channel between businesses and customers to take requests and give quick data-related answers. It can be easily integrated into an app, website, or social media platform. Bots are getting advanced and soon may also have a functionality to remind consumers to renew a purchase through voice assistance.

5. Voice Search

Almost 1/3 of searches are performed through voice assistants from the 3.5 billion Google searches daily.

This voice search functionality will change the organic and paid search strategy practices in the future.

SEOs need to learn to optimize the keywords based on how it is used in a voice search in a conversational manner rather than a query that is typed.

6. Virtual and Augmented reality

Both AR and VR give consumers a try-before-you-buy experience similar to visiting a physical store and purchasing a product. It allows consumers to explore a product, inciting a range of senses and emotions, and also purchase at the same time.

These are also used for a short storytelling purpose to give an interactive experience around a branded content.

7. Internet of things and wearables

The increased number of connected devices will result in a web of linked objects that marketers can use to gather consumer information and learn about his habits and preferences and can reach them or target them in a detailed and timely manner.

8. Blockchain

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for registering transactions, tracking assets, and building trust.

Marketers can use blockchain to motivate consumers to watch or read advertisements and increase engagement by leaving feedback or tagging friends.

9. Beacons

Beacons are very small, wireless transmitters that utilize low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other nearby smart devices.

Beacons can be paired with mobile devices to deliver highly personalized location-based ads.

E-Commerce businesses can directly reach potential customers in a highly-traffic location by placing beacons in enterprises and send them offers.

Collect detailed information on customers to optimize store experience and create personalized campaigns based on their movement.

It improves the user experience at the front and backend of a company by assisting to streamline operations.


5G’s increased spectrum chunks and faster connectivity capacity reduces the page load time and reduces the bounce rate, increase CTR, Return on investment, and improve the tracking capabilities with high efficiency.


Data-driven business marketing helps in the growth of a company.

These advanced technologies may also have a greater impact on marketing and other business activities that includes:

  1. SEO
  2. Data gathering
  3. Data Analytics
  4. customer service
  5. Content Creation
  6. Content distribution
  7. Targeting and placement of ads
  8. Personalization


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