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10 Best Free SEO chrome extensions to quicken your SEO efforts

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Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has become the world’s most popular web browser. In addition to its fast and reliable performance, Chrome’s popularity is due in part to its vast library of extensions, which allow users to customize their browsing experience. Among these extensions, some useful Free SEO chrome extensions are built to help SEO practitioners audit their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) status. 

These SEO extensions benefit small businesses who want to take their SEO efforts to the next level because numerous online tools charge high subscription fees. 

This article will provide you with a list of SEO extensions and their uses in day-to-day SEO activities.


SEOquake is an extremely popular Chrome extension that allows users to analyze any web page for SEO metrics. Developed by Mari Smith, it’s one of the most popular Chrome extensions, with over 1 million users. It offers instant access to a wealth of data, including Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, the total number of links, and Facebook Likes. You can also see how your page is performing compared to your competitors.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest is a chrome extension launched by Neil Patel that displays important actionable SEO metrics for your search term’s top 10 search results.

Here is the list of SEO metrics you can gain access to:

  1. It displays average search volume and CPC (cost per click) on the right of the search bar itself.
  2. It also displays the table of 8 top most related search terms, their search volumes, CPC, and their search difficulty (SD) in the right-hand sidebar.
  3. It also reveals a correlation chart between search position, traffic, and backlinks.
  4. You can also get critical metrics like Domain score, Social Shares, and Backlinks for the top search results of your search term.

Download Neil Patel Ubersuggest Chrome extension and give it a try!.

Check out this Quick Tutorial on How to use UberSuggest Chrome Extension

Note:  A free user is limited to 40 searches daily.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is an SEO-free chrome extension that assists SEOs during keyword and content research activities. 

Here is the list of advantages of using keyword surfer:

  1. This tool reveals the search volume of your search term on the right search bar along with CPC for Google ad campaigns.
  2. It also suggests related search terms, along with search volumes and percentage of similarity when compared with your target keyword, in the form of a table in the right-hand search bar of the SERP Page.
  3. It also depicts the important correlation between search position against content length, traffic, and how often the exact target keyword is used in the page’s content.
  4. It provides details like search volume, the content length (in words), and the exact number of times your search term is used in the content for the first ten search results in the SERPs.

This tool helps SEOs to set content guidelines for content writers based on their top competitor’s pages and makes the content creation process easier, and increases the chances of the created content ranking in a higher position.

Check out this Quick Tutorial on How to use Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

Note: You can export the list of the related keywords by first clicking on the star icon opposite to search volume, then clicking on a clipboard, and finally right-click on the three-dot icons and click export.

Website SEO Checker (sitechecker pro)

Sitechecker chrome extension is a free on-page SEO audit and analysis tool.

Sitechecker pro helps SEOs to check up to 50 on-page SEO parameters right away with the click of a button.

Below are some of the benefits of the site checker chrome extension.

  1. It displays the length of the title and descriptions of the given webpage with the suggested character length to the right of it for SEO best practices.
  2. It also displays all the heading tags used from h1 to h6.
  3. It also contains an additional keyword density tab to check the keyword density of the words used in the content.
  4. It also provides a detailed report of links (internal & external) and anchor text, along with the HTTP status code used in the content. It helps in identifying the broken and 301 and 302 redirects.
  5. You can also check canonical URL and HREFLANG tag implementation if any.
  6. It provides complete information about images like alt and title tags used and the size of the image with image preview.
  7. It gives the average page load time of the page on mobile and desktop devices.
  8. You can also check the webpage for Open Graph tags (OG) and test how its preview will look on social media sites.


  • SimilarWeb Chrome extension gives key insights into website traffic sources, engagement rate, and keyword rankings with the click of a button.
  • It is also called a competitive digital intelligence tool as it helps webmasters find their competitor’s major traffic sources.
  • It provides a chart of traffic percentages for the sources like direct, email, search, social, referral, and display ads.
  • It also gives competitors top countries driving traffic to their site.
  • Get your site ranking position globally, in a specific country, and also in the site category.
  • This traffic analysis tool gives insights into the number of pages visited per session, bounce rate, average monthly traffic, etc.


MozBar Chrome extension

MozBar chrome extension is the finest and leading SEO tool that gives instant on-page and off-page SEO metrics while viewing a page.

  • It covers off-page metrics like page authority, domain authority, spam score, and the number of backlinks of a webpage.
  • It also covers most of the on-page metrics, including OG tags.
  • You can easily check the do-follow, nofollow, external links, and particular keyword count
  • You can customize your google searches based on country and search engine etc.
  • It enables users to export the search results into an excel sheet with all the off-page parameters.

Check out this Quick Tutorial on How to use MozBar Chrome Extension

Ahrefs SEO toolbar

Ahrefs SEO toolbar is another important chrome extension to check both on-page and off-page SEO elements. They are:

The content section tab of this tool covers:

  1. content-length in words
  2. blog or webpage published and updated dates
  3. Content Title, description & subheaders (H1-H6) tags hierarchy.
  4. The indexability tab covers canonical checks, sitemap, meta directive, and HREFLANG tags.
  5. The social tab displays Twitter and Facebook OG tags, if any.
  6. The image tab covers alt and title attributes for a given image.
  7. The links tab lists the relationship between the page and other links on the page. It also underlines the specific links with colour if the highlight button is activated.
  8. It also helps webmasters check the position of a website outside their country and region on a specific device (Android, iPhone) for a particular keyword.



TextOptimizer is free writing assisting tool that helps the writer create high-quality targeted content that is perfectly optimized for both readers and search engines without the need of an SEO expert.

Hunter – Email Finder Extension

The Hunter Email Finder Extension is a tool that allows users to find email addresses for people they want to contact. It is a free and easy-to-use Chrome extension that can be installed with just one click. The extension was created in response to the increasing demand for effective email outreach and the difficulty of finding accurate email addresses. With Hunter, users can quickly find the email address of any person or company without having to search through dozens of websites or wasting time on manual research.


Lighthouse chrome extension is an open-source and automated auditing tool aimed at improving the quality and performance of web pages.

It identifies and reports critical errors and provides suggestions to improve performance.

This extension helps small businesses that are Now SEO has become an important part of every business marketing strategy. If you are new to SEO and want to take your SEO efforts to the next level, then it is important.

Among these extensions is Seoquake, a tool that helps SEO practitioners audit their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) status.

SEO is an important part of any small business’ marketing strategy. If you’re new to SEO or if you want to take your SEO efforts to the next level, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal. This can be a challenge for small businesses, however, because many of those tools are only available through large companies that charge high subscription fees.