25+ Best free infographic Submission sites, tools and tips for 2023

Infographic Submission sites

Infographic submission sites boost reach and visibility, connecting you to a wider audience. Gain exposure and attract new visitors by tapping into existing platforms. Moreover, earn valuable backlinks for SEO when reputable sites host and link back to your infographics, enhancing search rankings and organic traffic.

What is Infographic Submission in SEO?

Infographic submission in SEO (search engine optimization refers to the practice of sharing infographics on various platforms, such as image  submission sites and social media platforms, to gain backlinks, increase visibility, and drive traffic to your website.

What are the best sites and tools to create infographics?

1. Canva: 

User-friendly platform with templates and customization options, freeing you from technical complexities.

2. Piktochart:

 Easily craft visually appealing infographics with diverse templates and data import features.

3. Adobe Illustrator: 

Advanced design capabilities for complete control over intricate and customized infographics.

Crafting effective infographics:

1. Define Objective: Identify your purpose and target audience for maximum impact.

2. Keep it Simple: Avoid overwhelming text; use icons, charts, and graphs for clarity.

3. Visual Hierarchy: Guide attention using size, color, and position for a logical flow of information.

4. Tell a Story: Engage viewers with a compelling narrative for increased retention and captivation.

Practical implementation & testing of infographics:

1. Website Placement: 

Embed in relevant pages to boost visibility and encourage sharing. Monitor metrics like time on page & social shares to measure impact.

2. Social Media Promotion: 

Share on platforms with catchy headlines, relevant hashtags, & compelling descriptions. Analyze post performance using platform analytics.

3. Guest Posting & Outreach: 

Collaborate with influencers for wider reach, credibility, & backlinks. Offer infographics for their content to enhance your website’s exposure.

High DA Free infographic submission sites

Here’s a table featuring 25 trusted infographic submission sites along with their corresponding URLs, Moz DA (Domain Authority), and spam scores:

S.No.Submission SiteURLMoz DASpam Score
2Infographics Archivehttps://www.infographicsarchive.com/570
3Infographic Journalhttps://infographicjournal.com/521
4Daily Infographichttps://www.dailyinfographic.com/562
5Cool Infographicshttps://coolinfographics.com/453
6Submit Infographicshttps://submitinfographics.com/434
7Infographic Plazahttps://www.infographicplaza.com/341
8Infographic Databasehttps://infographicdatabase.com/382
9Best Infographicshttps://www.bestinfographics.co/403
10Infographic Beehttps://www.infographicbee.com/322
11Infographic Reviewshttps://www.infographicreviews.com/280
12Infographic Directoryhttps://www.infographic-directory.com/301
13Infographics Zonehttps://infographicszone.com/263
14Infographic Plazahttps://www.infographicplaza.com/341
15Infographic Databasehttps://infographicdatabase.com/382
16Best Infographicshttps://www.bestinfographics.co/403
17Infographic Beehttps://www.infographicbee.com/322
18Infographic Reviewshttps://www.infographicreviews.com/280
19Infographic Directoryhttps://www.infographic-directory.com/301
20Infographics Zonehttps://infographicszone.com/263
21Infographics Onlinehttps://www.infographics.online/362
22Infographic Galleryhttps://www.infographicgallery.com/381
23Infographic Filehttps://www.infographicfile.com/323
24Infographic Labshttps://www.infographiclabs.com/240
25Infographic Posthttps://www.infographicpost.com/281

Please note that the Moz DA and spam scores provided are approximate and subject to change. It’s always recommended to verify the latest metrics using Moz’s Link Explorer or other similar tools for a more accurate assessment.

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