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Keyword Stemming and How does it work?

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What Is Keyword Stemming in SEO?

Addition of prefixes and suffixes to the focus keyword naturally throughout the content to avoid keyword stuffing and rank for different variations of the same keyword in SERPs.

What are the examples of Keyword stemming?

Addition of suffix to the root-word:

  • monetize, monetized, monetizing

Addition of prefix to the root word:

  • large, enlarge

pluralizing to the root word:

  • Child, Children
  • baby, babies

Why Keyword Stemming?

  • Using keyword variations for the root word and the use of synonyms makes the content copy interesting to read for users.
  • To Rank for different variations of the same keyword.
  • To avoid keyword stuffing
  • To show your command over the subject over competitors.

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Is keyword stemming still a ranking factor?

Long back in 2003, they are conflicting reports that said the stemming technology is overlooked with the introduction of the google Florida update. Again around the same time is was reported that the stemming algorithm was is very much in consideration and is in testing mode by an individual called GoogleGuy on SEO community platform webmasterworld.com.

Keyword stemming cannot be considered as a ranking factor as it can be misapplied by writers to rank for different keyword variations just will small keyword modifications. search engines can identify those content copies and demote the content.

It is important to write the content naturally without worrying about these algorithms.