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Video Submissions sites list for Off-page optimization of a site

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What is Video Submission or Sharing?

Most internet users are inclined to watching visual content that provides information about products and services in a short time than reading a lengthy-long article. So, Video Submission or sharing in SEO is an effective off-page SEO technique to optimize the business website and to get backlinks.

Apart from creating Keyword-rich content, Making Visual content as Videos has also become important for businesses for marketing their products and services uniquely and creatively to attract potential visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Why are Video Submission sites Important For SEO?

  1. Surveys confirm that customers remember or talk about Marketing Messages Conveyed through a Video uniquely and creatively. This cannot be achieved through text content or images.
  2. Users Engagement rate is higher with videos compared to images and text content.
  3. Publishing Custom made Videos to High DA sites will improve your online presence, Trust, and visibility in Google SERPs.
  4. websites with a youtube embedded video have higher chances of featuring on the first page of Google.
  5. Videos that gain user’s interest are shared with family, friends and may become viral on all social media platforms if it is liked by the largest section of the audience.

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Requirements For Submitting a Video

  • Collect the list of best Video Submission sites.
  • Create 60 seconds or longer unique and creative high-quality video (720p)
  • Add a watermark to your video, which protects you from copywriting issues.
  • Name the video file without spaces.
  • Select the most popular tags relevant to your video (3 to 4)
  • Website URL & keywords for Anchor text
  • Article with 300 Words for Youtube Video Description.
  • You can also create a text file for subtitles for other language users.
  • Remember to give due credits to original authors or creators in the video description if you have used any copyrighted content like background music etc.

How to Do Video Submission or Sharing?

  1. Register/Signup with a valid Mail ID.
  2. Provide all the details in the profile section
  3. Select the video file or a video with a web address, upload the file
  4. Give an appropriate Video Title and Description for the website
  5. Add keywords, language then 
  6. Publish it and get the approved link for video sharing.

High DA Video Submission Sites List – 2022

Domain DA Spam Score
twitter.com 94 16%
tumblr.com 74 1%
www.4shared.com 94 5%
www.flickr.com 91 9%
www.linkedin.com 98 1%
www.youtube.com 100 3%