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{Updated} 100+ Free Web 2.0 Submission Websites List (2024)

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What is Web 2.0 Submission?

Initially, static webpages (Web 1.0) had less scope for interaction between users and sites(users can only read). Users had no opportunity to express their opinion towards a post or blog either by comments or by giving feedback. This has changed after the introduction of dynamic (Web 2.0) sites. Now users can make a comment, provide feedback and even contribute their content and connect with other users.

With the help of Web 2.0 sites, you can create your free blogging site post articles, videos, and images, and create backlinks to your original site, and direct traffic to your site, and improve rankings of your site.

Web 2.0 sites also include Blog Submission Sites, Social Networking Sites, Video Sharing, etc.

Some Popular Web 2.0 Sites

Below are the most frequently visited popular web 2.0 submission sites. Businesses need to publish and promote content on these sites to improve rankings and generate traffic to their site.

Web 2.0 sites list
Popular Web 2.0 sites list

Why Web 2.0 Sites?

Contributions of Web Users

Second generation Websites(Web 2.0) provide an opportunity for web users to contribute or edit any content just like WikiHow and Wikipedia

Hashtags Usage

Web 2.0 sites allow users to add hashtags that are relevant to the content. These hashtags help in grouping the relevant content and provide it to end-users when they search for it and make content go viral if it engages users

Example: Twitter

User Participation

Web users can participate and add content to web 2.0 sites by Giving reviews, suggestions, feedback, and Comment.

Example: Quora

Spread of Content

Web 2.0 sites distribute your content to the targeted audience using multiple channels.


Micro blog submission sites (Web 2.0) will give you complete authority to control the content by allowing you to add articles on different topics and to add do-follow backlinks to relevant anchor texts in the content.

Example: WordPress.com

Additional Assets to Rank

Web 2.0 sites will provide you additional mini-blogging domain, space to write content, and rank pages on the SERPs. Web 2.0 sites make ranking pages easier as these are already high DA domains and fast crawling rates make them a good tool for indexing content fast and redirecting traffic to your main site through Backlinks.


Majority of the Mini Blogging Sites are free of cost and some sites provide free trials for a limited period.

How to do Web 2.0 Submissions?

You need to understand the following things to get started with these sites rightly.

Step 1-  Choose only Free High DA Web 2.0 Submission sites and avoid using sites that provide a limited period or free trial for some days for creating content.

Step 2- Create only one account on a website. Creating multiple accounts will be considered spam, and will be penalized.

Step 3- Create a keyword-rich domain name. and create a similar profile as your main site. 

For example, if are into Immigration Industry then you can create a subdomain prvisa.wordpress.com

Step 4- Add other pages such as contact us, about us, etc.

Step 5-  Always Publish only SEO-friendly and non-plagiarized content to engage your audience. Avoid adding too many backlinks for a post only 2 to 3 links would be sufficient.

Step 6- Avoid using copyrighted multimedia content such as videos, images, and infographics, and many more.

Step 7- Do on-page SEO on these Web 2.0 Sites also. 

How does Web 2.0 Submission work in SEO?

Web 2.0 Sites are hosted on a single High Domain Authority domain. Web 2.0 Sites can act as mini private blog networks for your site, and linking your main site to these sites will help you use some of their Main hosting domain Authority.

A newly created web 2.0 site may have high Domain Authority and Less Page Authority. To utilize the easily accessible ranking power of these web 2.0 sites and improve the PA of these newly created web 2.0 links, they must be supported by building additional backlinks. 

These backlinks will help you get the required Authority and trust to your site in less time.

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Differences between Web 3.0, Web 2.0, and Web 1.0?

Web 1.0 (static web technology):

   Initial Web 1.0 Pages are static, and their greatest potentiality was to provide an environment where information is easy to access to users.

Web 2.0 (interactive web technology):

Second Generation Web 2.0 Page’s greatest power is to create an environment on the web where users can interact with content. Example: Wikipedia, WordPress, etc.

Web 3.0 ( Actionable intelligent web technology):

Web 3.0, also called the semantic web, is a combination of web 1.0 and web 2.0 with additional machine learning intelligence. With this, AI machines can work along with users in content creation and the decision-making process.


Apple’s Siri uses speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to get the results and perform actions on it like:

                                      “Ok, Siri, Play Music?”

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Best practices and things to remember before making Web 2.0 Submissions?

  1. Try to post only 100% Unique content highly relevant to your target keyword with words greater than 400 words.
  2. Try to add the targeted primary keyword in the body of the content, title, description without keyword stuffing.
  3. Keyword density should be (1-3)%.
  4. Add images videos with alt texts and proper file names
  5. Try to diversify the name of your properties to make the web 2.0 sites look natural and to avoid a red flag.
  6. Example: If your site is about immigration, then your property name(site name) can be named as follows:
  7. visaconsultant.blogspot.com, careeroverseas.wordpress.com, visitvisaconsultant.weebly.com.
  8. Try to add at least 4-5 posts per site to make it look like an active site and to avoid deletion.
  9. Don’t post all the articles at once; try to post them at regular intervals.
  10. create a contact us and about us page to make the site look authentic.
  11. Try to interlink the pages as you do it for the main site.

Free High DA NoFollow/DoFollow Web 2.0 Submission Sites List (2023)

Domain DA Spam Score
medium.com 95 3%
livejournal.com 61 1%
wordpress.com 94 1%
weebly.com 56 1%
blogger.com 87 1%
sites.google.com 97 –%
jimdofree.com 95 –%
evernote.com 92 8%
bcz.com 77 11%
gonevis.com 36 1%
mozello.com 64 1%
micro.blog 55 11%
blogrip.com 44 3%
hpage.com 71 1%
app.site123.com 52 1%
voog.com 50 5%
usite.pro 47 32%
zohositescontent.in 15 –%
webgarden.com 17 1%
neocities.org 81 1%
doodlekit.com 59 1%
froont.com 52 1%
nethouse.me 30 8%
edublogs.org 81 1%
skyrock.com 46 17%
shutterfly.com 54 1%
jigsy.com 35 8%
wixsite.com 37 1%
mystrikingly.com 92 –%
site123.me 88 1%
canalblog.com 26 1%
webnode.com 32 1%
zeef.com 55 4%