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100+ (Paid & Free) Article Submission Sites list {updated} - 2024

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For content writers and marketers, it is very difficult to find good article submission sites that can help businesses in promoting their content regarding their products and services for free. These article submission sites help businesses in improving their website visibility in SERPs and traffic to their site.

This blog provides a list of paid and free article submission sites and how they help marketers and content writers in promoting and improving the search engine rankings of a website.

What is Article Submission?

Article Submission is an off-page SEO and content marketing activity in SEO where you write unique articles related to your online business products and services and submit it to popular article submission sites in a relevant category.

What are the different types of article submission sites?

There are 2 different types of article submission sites

  1. Paid article submission sites
  2. Free article submission sites

1. Free article submission sites:

Firstly, these kinds of article submission sites will not charge you any fee but your article needs to pass all the guidelines mentioned strictly to get approval. Some common Guidelines of these type of article hosting sites are:

  1. Unique content (No duplicate content)
  2. Content with hatred (explicit content) are not allowed to post.
  3. Content length or words (500 to 1000 words).
  4. Good Readability
  5. Atleast one internal link should be given to the relevant article already published on these article submission sites.
  6. Content Structure with Good SEO
  7. May allow only two internal links to your site( adding more internal links to your site may lead to your content deletion or may not get approved).
  8. Most of these sites offer only nofollow links to your site.

These kinds of article submission free sites look for unique content before approving the articles from the users. 

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15 + High DA Sites for Article Submission

Free Instant Article submission site

Below are most frequently visited popular free article posting sites and it is mandatory for businesses to promote their content on these sites to generate traffic, leads, and to improve your online presence. They are:

  1. Medium
  2. Quora
  3. Live Journal
  4. Buzzfeed
  5. Hubpages.com
  6. Tumblr
  7. bloglovin.com
  8. Ezinearticles.com
  9. selfgrowth.com
  10. articlesfactory.com
  11. Apsense.com
  12. Abilogic.com
  13. Vocal.media
  14. Writerscafe.org
  15. siliconindia.com

2. Paid article submission sites:

These kinds of article submission sites will charge you an editorial fee of their interest to publish your article on their sites.

The Fee to publish on these articles will vary from site to site and will depend on the 

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Traffic to their site
  3. DoFollow or NoFollow link
  4. Type of content your site you will publish
  5. Number of links

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Benefits of article submission sites

To improve the rankings:

 creating quality content on your site is not sufficient to rank your page in the first page of SERPs for competitive keywords. Getting links from quality sites to your page will play a major role in deciding the position of your page in SERPs.

Weightage of links and link value or link juice: 

Getting contextual links( links from the body of the page) passes more link value to your page from these article submission sites.

Increase in Authority of the page: 

Individual Page Authority (trust and average position) of the page is improved in SERPs.

Referral traffic to your site: 

As these sites have a large reader base if the article is unique and if your article is in the most searched or followed topic of readers then your article can gain adequate traffic to your site.


These article sites can be useful in creating a brand for yourself as an author and your site.

Advantages of SEO Article Submission Sites
Advantages of Article Submission Sites in SEO

How Article Submission Works?

Publishing quality articles on the article submission sites with a strong reader base can help you in drawing large numbers of readers’ attention and provide you with an advantage of directing genuine readers to your site within a short period of time and with minimal cost.

These article submission directories help website owners to get a contextual link (link from the content) from their targeted keyword. 

Directing readers to your site from the high DA article hosting sites through the targeted keywords can improve your web page rankings for that particular keyword.

These contextual links pass more link juice compared to links from footer or sidebars to your page.

clicks on these contextual links by readers will send strong signals to search engines and shall strongly influence the direct ranking of your destination pages for the targeted keywords in SERPs. These clicks can be treated as likes or as a vote of interest on your content.

Steps to take before article submission

  • The article should be rich in content with no plagiarism and grammar mistakes and keywords added in the right proportion.
  • The average word length of your articles should be between 500 and 700.
  • Give the article a unique title with the main keyword included in it.
  • Use subheadings, alt tags, image names, numberings, and bullets for clean presentation and to increase readability.

How to Submit an Article in Article Submission WebSites?

  1. Collect the websites list other than the sites I have provided.
  2. Register yourself with the Email ID.
  3. Complete your profile by adding every single detail like first name, Lastname, designation, Blog URL, Social Networking Sites, Profile image, Description.
  4.  Publish your article by providing the form all the details like Title. category, author box, and article body.
  5. Follow the Article submission guidelines given before submitting the article for a quick approval. Example: Article length, Plagiarism, Image Dimensions, and Size, Filling up Complete profile.
  6. Upload relevant images if needed.

Is article submission good or bad to SEO?

Though Article submission is considered as an effective off page SEO activity to improve page rankings and traffic of your site. It also has its disadvantages.


  1. Readers are less likely to click on the links given in the content thus the traffic to your site from these sites is less.
  2. If the article posted by you on article submission sites gets republished or gets posted on other sites or blogs as reference then the backlink  goes to the article submitted site.

Advantages of article posting websites:

Still posting an article on high quality sites with more visitors can gain some value and exposure to your site and may increase your traffic and  rankings.

How to generate traffic to your site by posting an informative article?

  1. Share the published article to users online through social media platforms and press releases to get exposure and traffic to your site.
  2. Content rich articles have the potential to be reshared on other multiple sites creating natural backlinks to your site. They also hold a great value to search engines and may improve your webpage position because of its high share value.
  1. Write relevant and unique content to article sites to create a brand for yourself and your site.
  2. Write the best information at the beginning of your article and in the first line of your paragraphs to generate interest to users.
  3. Procure and maintain a sheet of quality article submission sites list beforehand.
  4. Inorder to improve the ranking your page for a competitive keyword we need to create targeted keyword based articles that contain the keyword and must submit unique article to atleast 5 article directories.

{Updated} Free Sites for Article Submission [2023]:

Domain DA Spam Score
linkedin.com 98 1%
sites.google.com 97 –%
spark.adobe.com 97 5%
medium.com 95 3%
wordpress.com 94 1%
google.com 94 1%
fandom.com 94 1%
bloglovin.com 93 11%
quora.com 93 10%
goodreads.com 93 7%
e-monsite.com 93 1%
buzzfeed.com 93 1%
mystrikingly.com 92 –%
evernote.com 92 8%
kinja.com 92 6%
dreamstime.com 92 3%
behance.net 92 2%
hubpages.com 92 1%
reddit.com 91 4%
wattpad.com 91 2%
slashdot.org 91 1%
crunchyroll.com 91 1%
dynadot.com 90 1%
patreon.com 90 1%
boredpanda.com 90 1%
steemit.com 89 9%
freelancer.com 89 4%
simplesite.com 89 1%
bigcartel.com 88 6%
wufoo.com 88 3%
pbworks.com 88 1%
site123.me 88 1%
ebaumsworld.com 88 1%
ezinearticles.com 87 4%
blogger.com 87 1%
atlasobscura.com 87 1%
cheezburger.com 86 1%
theodysseyonline.com 86 1%
splashthat.com 85 7%
aminoapps.com 85 3%
redbubble.com 85 2%
ranker.com 85 2%
benzinga.com 85 1%
8b.io 84 –%
hugo-pi-olive.vercel.app 83 –%
list.ly 83 7%
share.naturalnews.com 83 1%
padlet.com 82 7%
goconqr.com 82 6%
jimdosite.com 82 3%
nairaland.com 81 5%
substack.com 80 19%
orgfree.com 80 18%
newszii.com 79 2%
ricksteves.com 79 2%
godaddysites.com 79 1%
exposure.co 79 1%
odoo.com 79 1%
dev.to 78 7%
desktopnexus.com 78 6%
paper.li 78 5%
teachable.com 78 1%
bcz.com 77 11%
ello.co 77 11%
note.com 77 8%
sulekha.com 77 1%
themighty.com 77 1%
enetget.com 76 7%
beforeitsnews.com 76 3%
glitch.me 76 2%
questionpro.com 76 2%
notion.so 76 2%
travelblog.org 75 –%
my-free.website 75 1%
activerain.com 75 1%
tumblr.com 74 1%
ghost.io 73 1%
quotev.com 72 13%
freerepublic.com 72 6%
merchantcircle.com 72 2%
ko-fi.com 72 1%
wantedly.com 72 1%
carrd.co 71 4%
social.xfire.com 71 4%
getjoys.net 71 1%
hpage.com 71 1%
puzl.com 70 14%
hospitalitynet.org 70 1%
gitbook.io 69 –%
simdif.com 69 17%
blogcatalog.com 69 9%
penzu.com 69 8%
elearningindustry.com 69 3%
openpr.com 68 –%
journaltimes.com 68 3%
opednews.com 68 1%
allperfectstories.com 68 1%
wt.social 67 16%
formsite.com 67 3%
thriftyfun.com 67 3%
payhip.com 67 1%
localnews8.com 67 1%
buzztum.com 66 –%
thepostcity.com 66 6%
write.as 66 4%
wakelet.com 66 4%
articlestheme.com 66 3%
voicesofyouth.org 66 1%
pressbooks.com 66 1%
launchrock.com 65 7%
vocal.media 65 6%
bitarticles.com 65 2%
gurufocus.com 65 1%
manifo.com 65 1%
siliconindia.com 65 1%
mozello.com 64 1%
openlearning.com 64 1%
newsnblogs.com 63 2%
longisland.com 63 1%
theviewall.com 62 13%
buymeacoffee.com 62 1%
traveldailymedia.com 62 1%
youthkiawaaz.com 62 1%
selfgrowth.com 61 19%