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Digital marketing modules

Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing Modules


1.Digital Marketing Overview

This Digital Marketing module consists of marketing activities, marketing channels, Creating, Optimizing, Tracking, Reporting, etc all of these are not universally agreed upon. This Digital Marketing Overview can help you analyze what is digital marketing in detail.

2.Website Planning & Creation

You can purchase a starter hosting plan at a low price, buy a unique domain and start creating your website by installing WordPress on it. It is easy to learn and customize a WordPress site for beginners without coding knowledge.

3.Social Media Optimization

Social Media optimization is a process of improving the website and its content to encourage users to share the links on social media networking sites and generate more website traffic and increase website visibility.

They are specific software tools like Hootsuite, Buffer that automate the social media marketing process by scheduling and publishing the post.

4.Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is used to gain brand awareness and recognition for a company. You can get better results just by spending a small amount for running social media campaigns. Social Media is a double-edged sword that must be dealt with carefully. Need to respond to user queries, complaints, feedbacks, as soon as possible.

5.Email Marketing

Even today, Email is one of the best communication channels to send and receive important information for both personal and professional purposes. Industries prefer to promote their products and services through Email Marketing because it is cost-effective, personalized, enables to send bulk emails at the same time, and many more. People check emails once a day.

6.Content Marketing

Digital Media works based on content. People spend most of the time on the internet reading, watching, learning, sharing, searching about their interested topic, show, personality, etc.

Content Marketing is the process of creating high-quality engaging content, publishing, sharing content online for the targeted audience.

7.Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Reviews, Feedbacks, and likes are important for any business to build a positive brand reputation online. These days users go through the reviews before they choose to buy a product or get a service. So, Managing your online brand reputation is important to protect your company. They are many online brand reputation tools like Google alerts, SocialMention to monitor and improve your reputation online.

8.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving the traffic, and search visibility of your website online in the organic search results by optimizing the website and its content.

9.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is a paid advertising process to get instant results in less time. Example: Google Ads.

10.Mobile Marketing

People spend around 4 to 5 hours on smartphones for communication and to access information. so you need to optimize your site for mobile devices like reducing the avg loading time, improving page experience, website view on mobiles to get most of the traffic from organic results.

11.Affiliate marketing

It is an advertising model where a publisher signs up for an amazon affiliate program. They provide certain links for your chosen amazon products and if the publisher shares the links and promotes the products on his blog, social media account. If someone purchases the products by clicking on these links then the blog publisher gets a % of commission as a reward for the sale.

12. E-commerce Marketing

If you want to sell your products online you can create your e-commerce website or you can go register your business as a seller on giant e-commerce platforms and fill in your business details and list your products with images, features, descriptions. E-commerce platforms like Amazon have algorithms like Google. So, need to learn to optimize your products as per their guidelines to increase sales.

13.Viral marketing

The rapid spread of information and opinions about a product or service from one person to another person by any medium.

Example: Whenever we watch, read, listen or know anything very interesting and engaging. we would like to share the same with your friends and this goes on and within a short time the information becomes viral and trends on all social media platforms.

14.Lead generation

Lead Generation is a process or technique where a stranger converts as your customer. The main aim of marketing is to get leads. lead can be getting the names, email addresses, telephone numbers, or anything that is useful for your business.

15. Website Testing

Before indexing your website online it is better to test the website appearance for any errors on all kinds of devices like mobile, laptops, etc by using website testing tools and fix them to improve the overall user experience.

16.Google ad words Certification:

Google ads platform is popular for paid advertisements like search (text) and displays ads in search engines to get instant leads for a business. You need to take the online Google ads certification exam (5 Certifications) to become a Google ads expert which is provided free of cost by Google. Google ad word specialists are getting paid more.

17.Blogger & Blogging

Share You Knowledge and experience, opinion on a most recent news using free blogging platforms like blogger, which provide free hosting and a subdomain.

18.Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a program run by a program that helps website publishers or bloggers earn money by placing ads on their websites. If you have a good website with quality traffic in then you can apply your site for AdSense if Google approves your site for AdSense. You can get paid based on the number of clicks on the ad by users placed on your webpage.

19.YouTube monetization

If You have a YouTube channel with minimum 1000 subscribers and people watched all your youtube videos for around 4000 hours then you can apply for Youtube monetization and earn money. YouTube runs video ads, place display ads while a user is watching your channel videos. You will be placed based on the impressions and clicks on the ads.

20.Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithms are complex programs build on machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing to serve users with better relevant results for a target keyword. Google algorithms are a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed by webmasters to get visibility in the search engine. Those websites that are violating the rules will be hit down in the search results or demoted.

21.Google Tools

Google itself provides a wide range of tools like Gmail, Google Map, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Blogger, Google my Business, Google Page Speed Test, Google rich results testing tool, and many more which help marketers in a lot of digital marketing activities.

22.Marketing automation

Marketing Activities can be automated to save time and money. They are automation tools for each marketing activity like Hootsuite, Hubspot, Mention, MailChimp, etc. These tools help organizations to streamline, automate, measure advertising efforts.

23.SEO Reporting

Tracking and Reporting your daily on-page and off-page activities to seniors is important in search engine optimization. Create a standard reporting template to track and manage all your marketing activities from start to end.

24.Content Writing

Content is the key in digital marketing because when a user a query Google displays results in content form. They are two types of content on the internet they are informative and promotional content. Take Your time to write high-quality content stuffed with some major keywords related to the topic.

25.Google Trends

You can use Google Trends Tool to know the most popular searches, Topics on Google and create a post on that topic to get good traffic to your site.