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Benefits of SEO (2024)

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1. SEO Leads to Better User Experience

Implementing SEO for a website by providing highly relevant information that includes adding related text, photos, and videos, mobile-friendly website configuration, and easy to navigate website pages improves your search engine rankings and overall user experience which results in more clicks and leads, higher conversion rates, and better brand recall.

2. SEO Is a Primary Source of Leads

For all types of Businesses with different kinds of services like Business to Customer, Business to Business, and non-profit organizations, Inbound strategies and tactics like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, and others are always the successful source of leads.

If your not getting desired leads from your SEO strategies, then you must reanalyze your SEO Activities.

3. SEO Brings Higher Close Rates

An average of 14.6% close rate is gained from SEO leads, Where a Customer who already had a specific need and purpose mind makes the research of your product or service in search engines like google which leads to conversion. Make sure you have optimized your webpage Content according to user intent.

4. SEO Results to Higher Conversion Rate

Your Target Audience will become more informed of you as far as you retain your top position on any search engine which assures your higher conversion rates.

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5. SEO Promotes Better Cost Management

SEO reduces advertising costs. There is no need for Businesses to go for paid ads (outbound marketing) if they could retain the top position in organic search results through inbound Marketing that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMO), Blogging, referrals, etc that have least or no cost at all.

6. SEO assures Mobile-Friendliness of Your Website

Search Engine Optimization improves the user experience because Google Search has included Mobile Friendliness of websites as a ranking signal as this improves overall user experience.

7. SEO is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Just like how long (minimum six months), it takes you to reach the optimal rankings. Trailing you down the list also takes time unless the Google algorithm is updated or another competitor in your industry has Better SEO tactics.

8. SEO Helps You Gain Market Share

Retaining the optimal rankings for a website indicates higher chances of your website being found by Internet users. These users are now viewed as your leads. if they found their required information from your site, these leads may convert into your customers. Now Customers may sign up for a membership, subscribe to a newsletter, or make a purchase.

Customers may either make a purchase, sign up for a membership or subscribe to a newsletter. To be precise, your conversion rate increases. and you gain a share of the market.

9. SEO Creates alliance (joint effort) of All Marketing Activities Online

When all your marketing strategies, activities like content marketing, direct e-mail, social media marketing, blogging, web management, e-commerce are integrated and aligned towards a common goal you will achieve success in your marketing strategies, including SEO.

10. SEO Increases Your Followers on Social Media

By maintaining the optimal ranks on the first page of search engine sites, more people will know about you. As users visit your site, they are more likely to click on your social media buttons and eventually follow you. Your brand awareness also increases across all the social media channels.

11. SEO Takes You Ahead of the Competition

Your business will grow once you’ve implemented digital marketing strategies to your overall organizational plan. These strategies include SEO, Content Marketing, and others. Integrating all of these will help you take the lead amidst competitors in the market.

 Keep up with the advancements in the digital world and you will stay ahead of your competitors. This era is constantly changing, make sure you adjust well to the changes.

12. SEO influences purchasing decisions

SEO significantly changes purchasing decisions. This is due to the developed trust and believability mentioned in our previous points.

Use SEO to boost your conversions by significantly influencing the purchasing decisions of those online.

13. SEO increases customer attribution or “touches”

SEO will increase your customer attribution points as your awareness is increasing. 

Attribution is the number of times the audience notices your brand. The more times they notice your business, the more likely they are to purchase.

Mighty SEO rankings will help you dramatically increase your touch points with potential buyers.

14. SEO can increase your website referrals

One of the main benefits of SEO is that it will increase your website referrals. You will obtain more website referrals from search engines. Besides, your website visitors are more likely to refer your website to their friends. A strong SEO presence will increase referrals, literally.

15. SEO will give smaller businesses an edge over other larger companies

If you are operating a small business then it is tough to outspend larger competitors in paid ads. However, an effective SEO strategy will provide you a way to gain higher rankings. As larger Businesses depend on advertising, you can rely on a smart SEO strategy to go in the back door to acquire customers.

16. SEO will pave the way into new markets

SEO will pave the way to get into new markets. If your website is optimized, you can start to expand your website to target other keywords.

The keywords you pick can be of new products or services you could offer. You can rely on the search engines to generate qualified traffic to your new offerings, helping you to enter new markets.

17. SEO improves your overall marketing ROI

As explained before, an integrated marketing campaign will not only impact SEO rankings but also your total ROI (return on investment) from all of your marketing activities will be higher.

According to a recent study conducted, it proves that organic traffic can result in more than 40% of business revenue.

local searches have over 18% of purchases made within that day.

18. SEO is the best PR strategy

SEO is the new “PR” strategy. To rank better in search engines, you must have quality backlinks. Backlinks are the links from external sites that link to your website. More backlinks from the relevant external websites the higher you rank. 

Of Course, getting high-quality backlinks requires publicity. Backlink Opportunities also increase with the increase in Publicity. The two works hand-in-hand.

19. SEO will increase your email newsletter subscribers

One of the benefits of SEO is you can expect more email newsletter subscribers as your website ranking improves. This is because of more traffic to your website and more exposure.

For better results, offer an incentive on your website for people who subscribe to your email newsletter.

20. SEO improves your website’s click-through-rate

Click-through-rate (CTR) is the number of people who clicked your website divided by the number of people who viewed your website or the number of times your website for the user queries.

High SEO rankings will improve your website’s CTRs

Or, vice versa. You must have a high click-through-rate (CTR) to improve your SEO.

21. SEO is growing

SEO spending is anticipated to increase to $80 billion by 2021.

Spendings on SEO are likely to be higher than online advertising. 

SEO is growing for one reason because It works. Businesses have a chance to jump on the SEO bandwagon before it becomes too saturated.

22. SEO is mobile

Mobile is going to be is the future of online. And, almost 50% of all Internet users are from mobile and this is going to increase for sure.

This is likely to continue to increase. By optimizing your website for Mobile you are also getting ready for the next generation of marketing.

23. SEO will help you stand out

There are nearly 250 million sites on the web. The normal person will never know what most of the Internet has to offer.

Better SEO rankings will help you stand out from the millions of other websites.

24. SEO is laser-targeted

SEO is keyword-focused. This means that listings appear in search engines based on the keywords users search for.

The benefit here is for you to reach people who are looking for exactly what your business provides.

The keyword targeting capability of Search engine optimization is one of the principal reasons why it delivers the most qualified traffic to your site.

25. SEO traffic is the real business deal

SEO traffic is the real business share. The users visiting your site are not coming for fun. They are in actionable pain and real problems.

They are looking for a solution, and they clicked your site because they think you would provide a solution. The benefit of SEO is as long as you add value, and understand your customers, you will have much success with SEO.

26. SEO helps you to expand your Business Markets

SEO introduces you to the entire market of individuals searching for you. 

You can expand in more states, cities, nations, or other parts of the world with an effective SEO strategy.

The world will be your marketplace with an effective SEO strategy.

27. SEO can help you pull new talent

SEO can help you bring the new talent. People searching for work also start their journey on Google. You can optimize your site to rank on Google for the positions you are hiring for. You can avoid acquisition costs and recruiting fees into an SEO strategy.

28. SEO is affordable

SEO is more cost-effective than advertising to increase your conversions.