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Methods to find & fix Keyword Cannibalization issues on your site.

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What is keyword cannibalization in SEO?

Keyword Cannibalization is lowering your website search performance by trying to compete(rank) for the same focus keyword with multiple pages or posts that cover a similar topic.

As both the webpages are from the same domain search engines cannot distinguish which page to rank in search results.

Factors like backlinks and CTR get weakened over multiple posts instead of one and may lead all the pages to rank lower.

How to Find pages hit with keyword cannibalization?

Use the search operator site:domain.com + “focus keyword

Example: site:webmarketersguide.com + digital marketing

will return results that rank for the same focus keyword mentioned above.

How to solve keyword cannibalization?

Fix the cannibalization issues on your site by 

  1. finding the pages that cover a similar topic
  2. check the performance of the pages.

if there are positioned in the top 5 results above one another ignore it. else 

  1. Determine which page to choose and try to merge, delete, redirect the other page

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