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50+ Paid & Free Press Release Submission Sites list- 2024

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If your business is launching a new product or service, then how would your share this information with the world effectively. This is where press release plays a major role in the number of ways in distributing them and helps in reaching a larger audience.

Sharing your press release on various popular press release submission websites are an effective way to cater to a large section of the audience.

This blog post provides you with all information about press releases and their types, along with the list of paid and free press release submission sites.

What is Press Release Submission?

Press release submission refers to writing about new events, products or services of the company and submitting it to high PR press release submission sites. It is an off-page SEO strategy the helps popularize your events, products or services on the web to improve SEO of your site. A press release should be keyword-optimized, factual and informative so that it could generate interest in the readers. Furthermore, it should be used to share newsworthy content with the targeted users.

Free Press release sites
Popular Free Press release Submission sites

Why Press Release?

Increased Importance of Online Marketing for Businesses to survive in the highly competitive online marketplace has also made press releases mandatory for small and multinational companies to gain new users and to increase brand visibility. There are also many changes in the functionality of press releases over the years.

Some of the reasons why press releases are important than ever are:

World wide Reach

Drafting a press release about the launch of a new product and service and releasing it through any popular press release distribution service provider can make your press release distributed to millions of people around the world through popular search engines, social and email networking sites. If the information is news worthy they are also sent to journalists for exclusive coverage on news channels.

Viral Marketing

Press releases with images, videos and other multimedia content can convey your message clearly and make your news more interesting than ever. If people start sharing it on social media and other platforms it can go viral and create a buzz among your target audience about your company and can increase your brand image and visibility.

Search Engine optimization of a site

Addition of links to important pages of your website can help visitors and consumers to know more about your company and can gain you a valuable backlink and drive quality referral traffic to your site.  Addition of Specific branded keywords in the press release can make your press release found in the search engines.

Time and Resources

Posting press releases (PR) on press release submission sites is an easy and fastest way to spread information about your company updates, changes, activities, events, new product releases, awards won etc. 

Compared to sending PR directly to media or journalists, where you must find the journalist’s email addresses and send personalized mail to them.

Free Press Release Submissions sites list (2023)

These free press release sites won’t charge any fee from the users, companies and organizations, but most of them have limitations. They are:

  1. Users can post only 1 to 2 press releases per day or month.
  2. The distribution of press releases to other media outlets or to other associated PR sites.
  3. These sites won’t allow users to add HTML format content, photos and media in press releases.
  4. These sites may not permit users to add hyperlinks to their site.
  5. These free press releases may not give much exposure to your news and may not reach the targeted audience.

Top 10 Free Press Release Submission sites

  • PR.com
  • onlineprnews.com
  • prfree.org
  • pressreleasepoint.com
  • openpr.com
  • IssueWire.
  • 1888PressRelease.com.
  • newswiretoday.com
  • PRLog.org
  • PR-Inside.com
  • OnlinePRNews.com

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Paid Press Release Submissions

  • Paid Press release sites charge a nominal fee for users to post the press releases. These fees vary from site to site depending on the additional features, benefits and services they provide.
  • These sites allow users to post multiple press releases in a day.
  • They allow users to include HTML formatted content, photos, and your site link. Getting a link from trusted press release sites can improve your site rankings in SERPs.
  • These PR sites have strong connections with media outlets and other press release sites. These sites distribute press releases to other press release sites, press reporters, print, TV, radio, and other online media.
  • These paid PR sites provide additional media monitoring reporting features that help users to view various analytics like how many people viewed the post and other post-performance metrics.

Top 10 paid press release submission sites

  1. PRNewswire.com
  2. PRWeb.com
  3. Ereleases.com
  4. einpresswire.com
  5. 24-7pressrelease.com
  6. prunderground.com
  7. Newswirejet.com
  8. send2press.com
  9. Newswire.com
  10. Businesswire.com
  11. Prnewswire.com

Top Indian Press Release Submission sites

In India, Press Release Distribution has become an important part of online marketing strategy to gain brand visibility and recognition due to the highly competitive indian market.

Start ups and Multinational companies are using press releases to announce the release of their new products and services and a way to connect and engage with new Indian consumers.

Below are some of the popular Indian press release distribution service providers at affordable prices. They are:

  1. Business Wire India
  2. PR india Wire
  3. PR Newswire India
  4. Conceptualise
  5. Digitals Daddy
  6. Press release points
  7. Oregon Technologies
  8. News Wire Online

Types of Press releases

Book Press Release

Book Press releases are released to notify the launch of a newly published book and its benefits to the readers.

Event Press Release

Event PR will inform the media and customers about the event the company is planning to host. Event press releases reveal all the information about when and where the event will take place, why it is conducted, and why it is being conducted.

Product Press Release

Product press releases will inform the media about the launch of a product or service in a particular industry and how it is different from other products.

New Business PR

The business press releases are used to announce the opening of a new branch or new venture of a business to the media.

Rebranding Press Release

Rebranding press releases are used to announce essential modifications or transformations made to a company brand name and logo.

New Hire Press Release

Hire press releases are used to notify print and electronic media about the hiring of a new employee for a prominent position of a company.

Partnership PR

Partnership press releases will also reveal your company tie-ups, associations and new partnerships with other companies or brands.

Award PR

The Award press release will display the prestigious awards and accolades your company or individual has recently won from governments or other reputed organizations.

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How to write a press release?

When you write and publish a press release, it should contain mandatory elements like company logo, contact information, press release location and date, headline and compelling first paragraphs and summary of your business at the end to grab the attention of readers and reporters.

company Logo: 200*200 pixel paragraph at the top center of the press release.

Contact information: It should contain the name, email address and phone number. Provide the PR (public relations) firm contact information if a dedicated PR team sends it.

Release date: Mention the Press release date at the top left corner of your press release note, add “immediate release” if it is going to be released immediately or add “Embargoed for release until [date, time, time zone].” It provides clear information to the media about the publication date and time.

Headline: Press release Headline should be centred and placed above the first paragraph and should be written in 65 to 80 characters with 14px font size.

First paragraph with a dateline: Start the first paragraph of your PR release with a dateline containing city, state, and date of release within 50 words, followed by a hyphen.

Body paragraphs: The body of your press release can contain 2 to 4 paragraphs filled with important newsworthy information.

Summary: A concise summary of your business within 100 words. It should contain information about your business, its products and services, differentiation from other competitors, awards won, etc.

How to submit a press release?

  • Find the press release submission websites.
  • Visit the site and provide the required details like username, password, and email id to create the account.
  • Verify the account.
  • Provide the headline, summary, keywords, contact information and other details as required by the site for PR submission.
  • Now, you have to wait for the approval, once it is approved by the site, it will be published.
  • Some sites may ask you to buy a package for their services.

{Updated} 50+ Paid & Free Press Release Submission Sites list(2023)


Domain DA Spam Score
prnewswire.com 92 1%
prweb.com 91 9%
prlog.org 81 5%
beforeitsnews.com 75 4%
pr.com 70 1%
customerthink.com 69 8%
openpr.com 68 –%
pr-inside.com 65 1%
sbwire.com 63 12%
devdiscourse.com 57 1%
media.onlineprnews.com 56 1%
onlineprnews.com 56 1%
businesswireindia.com 55 1%
indiaprwire.com 54 –%
eprnews.com 50 4%
prweb.net 48 –%
briefingwire.com 48 11%
theopenpress.com 46 5%
issuewire.com 45 1%
webnewswire.com 45 12%
express-press-release.net 44 1%
freeprnow.com 42 10%
marketpressrelease.com 42 15%
ukprwire.com 40 5%
forpressrelease.com 40 1%
travelprnews.com 38 1%
press.abc-directory.com 38 2%
travpr.com 37 17%
exactrelease.org 36 2%
companynewshq.com 36 3%
release-news.com 35 –%
pressreleasepost.com 35 1%
newsvoir.com 35 1%
freepressreleasedb.com 34 10%
channel45news.com 34 –%
prwings.com 33 6%
bizpr.co.uk 31 1%
pressreleaselive.com 24 4%
omnesmedia.com 23 2%
prsubmissionsite.com 15 1%

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

How long should a press release be in 2023?

The length of the press release should be within 300 to 800. If the press release content is less than 300 words and with missing important elements are not considered as newsworthy by search engines.If the content is more than 800 words search engines  may  considered it as as blog post or article and may not index it as news.

What kind of contact information does press release submission sites require to submit a news release?

Most of the press releases distribution sites ask you for a valid company Email address, Phone number, Address, Website link, before publishing your press release. This information is placed at the top right corner of the press release for public and print media. E-mail addresses will be hidden behind a secure “email us here” link to prevent spam.