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{Updated} Free Guest Post Submission Sites List - 2024

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What is Guest Post Submission? 

Guest Posting also referred as Guest Blogging is publishing a highly relevant and quality article on other similar leading industry blogs.

Benefits of Guest Post Submission

  • Build genuine relationships with other bloggers or businesses.
  • Offer new content to readers.
  • Get Quality Backlinks, increase domain authority, improve SEO rankings and get referral traffic to the site.
  • Target New Audience.
  • Establish Yourself as an authority figure in your field.

How to Submit a Great Guest Post?

  • Check the Domain Authority, Quality of Posts, Length of Posts, spam score, no of linking domains of the guest posting site.
  • Avoid posting if it looks like PBN (private blog network).
  • Kindly go through the guest post submission guidelines given on the blog to find the topics, length of the content(in words), quality of content, images, number of links(do follow or no follow), paid or free, mode of contact the blog owner is willing to provide or accept on his blog.
  • Guest post written should contain valuable souce of information to audience it should not look like personal or business advertisement.
  • Use the format (headings, sub-headings, font-size etc) that most other blogs on the sites follow.
  • Do the practice of giving one internal link back to their own blog posts. 
  • You can also give links to trusted educational and government sites with one backlink to your site to avoid the post as self-promotional.
  • Allow comments to the blog post to enable users to express their views.

How to Find Guest Blogging Sites?


1. Find and Build lists of websites that accept guest posts

A simple google search like “list of blogs that accept guest posts” or “list of ‘include the keyword of your interest’ blogs that accept guest posts” will list out the blogs created by other bloggers with guest blogging sites category-wise and will be listed in the order of their domain authority. This simple trick can provide a lot of the best guest blogging sites at once.

2. Use of Google search operators with search terms to find guest blogging websites.

Google your search terms with the combination of different search engine operators that can help you in finding the guest posting sites.

Example: if your looking for travel blogs that accept guest posts then start searching with different business keyword combinations like

“Travel blog” “Travel and Tourism Blog” “Adventure travel blog” “family travel blog” etc.

Then, explore the keywords + one of the following search terms with different search operator combinations:

·   Keyword + “guest blog”/”guest post”
·   Keyword + “write for us”
·   Keyword + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
·   Keyword + “contribute guest post”
·   Keyword + “contributor guidelines”
·   Keyword + “contribute to our blog”
·   Keyword + “become a guest blogger”
·   Keyword + “guest blogging guidelines”
·   Keyword + “send a tip”
·   Keyword + “guest post by”
·   Keyword + “guest author”

Tip: check the results of other pages too as there are great chances of finding guest posting sites even on the 2nd or 10th page also.

3. Search for competitor guest blogging websites

Go through the backlinks of the competitor domains to find high-quality guest blogging sites they have distributed the content.

Identify bloggers in the same niche as yours and follow them to find who is guest blogging a lot then you can find the guest blogging sites by using these search queries along with the identified blogs.

·   Site:domain.com “guest post by”
·   Site:domain.com “a guest contribution by”

4.  Useful tools to help you find guest posting opportunities

Use content research, and backlink monitor tools to find guest blogging opportunities.


  1. Buzzsumo
  2. Amazon Alexa
  3. SEO Spyglass

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How to Write a Perfect Bio?

Author Bio is the brief professional description of you as a blogger and as an authority.

  • Keep the bio to the point in 60 words within 3-5 sentences.
  • Write your bio in the third person perspective and explain what you do in one sentence.
  • ·Don’t use over-the-top buzzwords like “your are an expert” “a guru”, “an influencer”. “freelancer” etc.
  •  IF granted, add one element of validation or, citation of awards like you are listed as one the top travel blogger by Forbes.
  • Can mention a couple of trusted publications that you have earlier written for.
  • Link to your social media profiles and website if allowed.

When to Pitch a Guest Blogging Post?

Utilize the opportunity of pitching a guest post when a blog mentions or lists your business products and services in their posts or on social media platforms. You can also go for guest blogging if come over to any high-quality blog that advertises they are looking for a guest post. 

How to Pitch a Guest Post Idea?

Go through the blog, blog posts, and Guest post guidelines on the blog to get an idea of the topic that the guest posting site is looking for from guest bloggers, and also the topics other guest bloggers previously covered. So that you can write on other uncovered topics or subtopics that have higher chances of approval from the blog owner.

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How to Get Guest Posts for Your Blog?

Guest blogging can also be a two-way street if you are open to send request for the blog you wrote for to write a guest post for you. This is indeed helpful for your blog to gain new content, new readers, and a better perspective on your audience.

How to Be the Best Guest Blogger?

1.   Be a regular contributor to a blog

2.   Promote your guest post throughout your own audience to send news readers to the guest blogging site which creates a positive influence on the blog owner about you.

3.   Reply to comments or questions posed by the people on your guest blogging post to build trust and authority.

 Free General Guest Blogging Sites List – 2022

Domain DA Spam Score
fortunetelleroracle.com 39 5%
techgave.com 55 6%
www.ezpostings.com 55 1%
bloginyouth.com 52 2%
www.theworldbeast.com 43 –%
articlewine.com 57 1%
www.postingtree.com 62 4%
www.dorjblog.com 58 1%
www.mrjourno.com 29 –%
www.thewyco.com 63 6%
www.guest-articles.com 65 6%
www.atoallinks.com 45 4%
www.bloglovin.com 93 11%

Free Travel Guest Post Submission Sites List – 2022

Domain DA Spam Score
www.travelblog.org 72 –%
blog.storymirror.com 42 5%
www.vegantravel.com 38 4%
writeupcafe.com 64 1%
vocal.media 65 6%
rewardbloggers.com 37 3%
dailygram.com 52 3%
crweworld.com 45 1%
www.buzzfeed.com 93 1%
www.tripoto.com 55 1%
www.siliconindia.com 64 1%
www.travelgumbo.com 36 2%
www.dreamstime.com 93 3%
www.traveldailymedia.com 64 1%
www.travelmassive.com 51 2%
www.travelnotes.org 46 1%
newsnblogs.com 57 2%
www.traveldiariesapp.com 33 12%
wanderlog.com 31 5%

Free Career and Education Guest Posting Sites List – 2022

Domain DA Spam Score
substack.com 83 1%
dev.to 80 9%
elearningindustry.com 72 3%
www.openlearning.com 67 1%
www.teamblind.com 62 6%
www.youthkiawaaz.com 61 1%
www.selfgrowth.com 60 19%
www.indiehackers.com 55 4%
coda.io 55 7%
www.bitlanders.com 53 1%
dailygram.com 52 3%
sheroes.com 46 1%
career.hashnode.dev 46 –%
www.myenglishclub.com 45 –%
devdojo.com 41 2%
jobhop.co.uk 39 9%
workiton.com 36 2%